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“Let me reintroduce myself”

Today’s subject line is brought to you by Gwen Stefani’s fun new song by the same title “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” Take a listen and watch her video HERE. It’s so fun!

I’m starting a blog!


My Intentions for the Blog
The blog is to simply share my ideas and thoughts related to music, events and maybe sometimes just life in general AND most importantly to use it as a way for you to get to know me better AND hopefully get to know YOU more too…more on that in the “Structure of the Blog” section below.

I won’t have a schedule for the blog, I like to leave it open ended for when creativity strikes!

If you have suggestions on topics you would like me to share in my blog feel free to hit reply and let me know. I want this to be fun and beneficial for you and not just another email taking space in your inbox. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Structure of the Blog
There will be 6 sections to each blog as follows:

1. My Main Musings – This is where I will kick back and share what’s on my mind. Let’s pretend we are chillin’ on the couch together having a conversation! A few paragraphs about me and my thoughts around music for the month. I’ll even share FAQs I get from clients, as well as everything from the history of music, to how music is used in our world, to celebrating certain sectors of music and more! 

THIS MONTH’S MUSINGS: For this month, I’d like to (re)introduce myself! Check out my BIO here, I just recently updated it! 

2. Music in Movies– This may include movies I recommend you watch if you want to hear some great music and/or feel inspired or it may just be some fun facts about the music found in movies. Movies actually play a HUGE role in my musical journey so I have lots of thoughts to share on this topic. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’ll probably notice in my playlists below quite a few songs are from movies! 

MOVIE TO WATCH: If you need a fun and nostalgic movie to watch with tons of fun 80s music check out the re-make of “Valley Girl” that came out in 2020. It’s a musical adaptation of the original 80s movie. Movie details HERE.

3. Playlists – I’ll share what I am currently listening to or playlists I think you might enjoy for various occasions, moods and more! I will use Youtube to share the lists with you for a couple reasons, but mostly because it’s just fun to have the videos playing, kind of like the days of MTV and VH1. Most will have the official videos, unless I can’t find them. Enjoy!

I have 2 playlists for you, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

1. Music PlaylistDJ MandyMixes’ FAVE Love Songs
2. Music PlaylistDJ MandyMixes’ FAVE COUNTRY LOVE Songs

4. Dance Move of the Month – This will be everything from tips on how to feel more comfortable on the dance floor even when you think you canโ€™t dance, possibly a video teaching a fun dance move for you, and/or what dance moves are currently trending, as well as some other facts and history about dance.

STAY TUNED! 1st Dance Move Video Coming Next Month

5. Events – I’ll share events I am the DJ for and/or hosting that you are invited to join me at (in-person AND online) as well as other events in the community that I think you might be interested in. You can check my upcoming events anytime HERE.


1. Sunday, May 16, 2021
A fundraising event! More details coming soon!

2. Saturday, September 18, 2021
5th Annual Dance Party with DJ MandyMixes

6. Question of the Month – Each month I’ll ask YOU a question. This will be a fun way for me to get to know YOU more AND you can win prize for participating!

WIN A PRIZE! I will be keeping track and in December 2021 I’ll pick 2 winners for a special prize.

PRIZE #1 – Whoever answers the MOST questions (no right or wrong answers!)

PRIZE #2 – A random drawing of everyone who answers at least one question.

NOTE: To qualify you MUST submit your answers via the “HERE” button/link below. 

ANSWER THIS QUESTION: What kind of dancer do you consider yourself? Not a dancer? That’s ok, you can still answer! Submit your answer HERE.

That’s all for now! Before I go, Let’s be Friends on Facebook! I have my business page on Facebook but I also have a special Facebook account/profile where we can “friend” each other and be even more connected. Send me a request HERE.

May your days be filled with music,

P.S. – In case you missed it above I use song titles/lyrics for my subject lines and blog titles. Kind of like how on Sesame Street it’s the “Brought to you by the Letter M” ha! Today’s subject line is brought to you by Gwen Stefani’s new fun song by the same title “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” Take a listen and watch her video HERE. It’s so fun!

Happy 7 Year Anniversary to DJ MandyMixes!

Happy 7 Years to Me! Although, really I’ve been DJ-ing for friends & family for over 20 years! EEEK!!! Here’s the story behind each image. I just HAD to throw in multiple photos from 2019, because that was my best year yet (my first year fully ONLY doing my DJ biz, no other side hustles like in the past) and the most amount of professional photos I’ve had taken of me, ha!

2013 – I did my cousin’s wedding that July and then a couple weeks later I announced to the world that I was officially starting my DJ business and this photo was at my first gig, a backyard birthday party (August 24, 2013). And that hat, is the one that started it all! In case you haven’t noticed, I might have a slight obsession with hats! ha!

2014 – This was at Zymology 21 (no longer open) in Downtown San Diego for a networking group I was in with Thepulsesd Elite Networking Group

2015 -This was at the Wine Women & Wealth -California Expo/Conference at Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa

Photo by SNAP Savvy Photographic

2016 – This photo was taken at my FIRST annual dance party #MandyMixesDanceParty at

@SpringHillSuitesSanDiegoOceansideDT by Thepulsesd where The Pulse also filmed my first marketing video! You can view it on my Youtube channel. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Link in my Bio.

2017 – This was at the Business Women’s Mega Mixer @konakairesortsd. Photo by @Tr

2018 – This was my 1st of 4 times (so far) DJ-ing for @hoehnmotors at their #PorscheCarlsbad location

2019 – From Left to Right

1. My 2nd time at #PorscheCarlsbad!

2. One of my shots from my headshot photoshoot with @stefanie_trueblueportrait at @decoydockside.

3. One of many weddings I was the DJ for at one of my preferred venues @lakehousehotel with @lakehouseweddingsandevents. Photo by @truephotography

Thank you so much to all my clients, referrers and friendors/vendors for your support these last 7 years!!! I can’t wait to get back out there with all of you!!! I miss you SO much!