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Summer Jams!

Woohoo! It’s officially summer and I’ve put together a playlist for you to enjoy! BUT I also want to know what YOUR FAVE summer jam is, whether it’s on my list or not. AND if you comment below and tell me your song I’ll put you in a drawing for a chance to win a ticket to my end of summer/back to school dance party! 

These are my favorite songs that either literally talk about summer or hold my own personal memories of summer. I tried to stick with upbeat songs and/or songs I thought most people would have already heard and hold that nostalgic vibe. There are probably many I’ve missed, but these are mine. 😉 BUT I’d love to hear what summer songs you love and/or any you think I forgot. You can comment or email me at Mandy@MandyMixes.com. ENJOY!

May your SUMMER be filled with music,


Geek Girl TechCON




Official DJ Sponsor

DJ MandyMixes is excited to be the Official DJ of GeekGirl  TechCON San Diego 2015!

You can join the fun and save 20% off your admission by using promo code “MandyMixes” REGISTER HERE

Goals of the conference

Whether you are a beginner newbie who needs hand-holding on all things computer, to the intermediate self-starter entrepreneur who needs some new tools, to you entirely tuned-in code toads looking to learn jQuery, we have it all for you!

Learning Objectives

Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, Elements
Learning to build your own Mobile App
PC and Mac Instruction, Being the Tech in your own Home or Office!
Microsoft and Apple Mac software
Entrepreneurial Workshops
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
Mobile Devices, SmartPhones and Tablets: iPhone, iPad Droid, Galaxy, Nexus, Kindle
And so much more!
Target Audience

The conference is the largest Hands-On Tech Conference for Women and Men in the area! All skill levels welcome from beginners looking to get started to professionals looking to brush up on their skills or learn something new.

From 8 to 88 years old, and everyone in between, we have something for you.

Consider bringing your daughter, son, mother, father, spouse, and making it a family affair.

Special group rates are available.



BOOM! Mandy Mixes – DJ & MC sponsors the Good Ol Gals Business EXPLOSION! – January 30, 2014

BOOM! Mandy Mixes – DJ & MC is sponsoring the Good Ol Gals Business EXPLOSION next Thursday January 30!

I will be mixing up some tunes at the event.

There is still time to sign up. Only $25, or just come for the mixer for only $10…networking, shopping, laughter and of course MUSIC!

MORE INFO HERE: http://thebusinessexplosion.com/register-business-event/