DJ MandyMixes has been a lover of music since she first stepped on the dance floor at the age of 3 at her Uncle’s wedding and threw a fit when the DJ had to leave at the end of the night. She was in show choir (the GLEE of her day) in all 4 years of high school and has informally been the DJ and/or Emcee at many family and friend’s parties almost her whole life. She spent 10 years in the event planning industry before coming a DJ and her event planning experience gives her the ability to understand the details and importance of keeping the flow of your event moving while keeping the mood lively.

10 Reasons to Hire MandyMixes:

1. Keep your event flowing smoothly & onschedule
so you can enjoy the event with your

2. Consult one-on-one prior to the event to ensure
a comprehensive understanding of the
atmosphere you want to create.

3. Take Requests if you wish! To maximize the
mood & groove of your guests so they are raving
about YOUR party for weeks!

4. Provide all the equipment you need including
microphones for any speeches/presentations.

5. Provide an Oscar-worthy event if you have any
awards or recognitions to give.

6. Run audio & visual of your slideshow or any
other needs.

7. Work with any other vendors you are using as
needed, including pre-event consultations.

8. Keep ALL your attendees happy with a mix of
every genre & era of music!

9. Provide a uniqueness to your event …being a
Female DJ, only 10% in the world!

10. Use social media & her monthly newsletter to
promote your event and encourage attendance.

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Mixing up the Mood, Music & Mingling for YOUR Events. From DJ to MC to AV!

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