Say Thanks with A Song

It’s November and that means National Gratitude Month! Why not say thanks with a song!? It can be a friend, a loved one or even a client or co-worker.

You can post it on their social media, e-mail or text it to them! I’ve provided a link for each song on Youtube to make it easy for you.


#1 is dedicated to YOU from ME!

1.  Boyz II Men – Thank You
2.  Paul McCartney – Gratitude
3.  Sam & Dave – I Thank You
4.  Sly & The Family Stone – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself
5.  Bon Jovi – Thank You For Loving Me
6.  Gavin DeGraw – I Have You To Thank
7.  Kelly Clarkson – Thankful
8.  Otis Redding – I Want To Thank You
9.  Celine Dion – Thank You
10. Huey Lewis & The News – Thank You
*In no particular order

Want more song options? Visit YouTube and search “Songs to Say Thank You”

Want the lyrics? Check out

May your day be filled with music,

Mandy Rodriguez

Mixing up the Mood, Music & Mingling for YOUR Corporate & Private Events!

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